10 changes that came with parenthood

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It is no secret that your life changes when you bring another human in to the world…

If your life did not change after you had your first born, are you doing it right? (Yeah, probably but anyway)

While I am ridiculously thankful for all the changes that motherhood has thrust upon me, there are a few non-problematic but different changes that I am still getting used to.

Here are some of the changes that occurred:

  • Before I had Ally, I used to wash and straighten my hair twice a week. It was rarely curly, I was one of those people that found it hard to leave the house without straight hair… These days, it takes me three days to straighten the lower half of my hair. Curly hair is actually my preference now…especially with longer hair. This is one of my favourite changes.
  • I also used to look after my nails, they were always the perfect shape and painted with a lovely coat of nail polish…these days are different. A couple of weeks ago I had planned to paint my nails, after that initial plan it took a week before I had even the chance to shape them. Only yesterday did I actually get the time to paint one coat of polish on my nails…this was while I was in the bath (where did I even find the time to do these things!?)
  • My hair fell out. I have a tiny new fringe, I’ve figured out how to work with it and there’s not much more to say about it. Your hormones do some crazy things to you and this for sure is one of them…I wasn’t expecting it to happen but it very much did

I guess with these few first points, it shows that we make time for our priorities first and get to the other things later…even if it takes three weeks to paint your nails.                             

My views on life
  • Another change that I realised is the compassion I feel for my parents…my teenage hormones used to kick in and I would tell my mum “I HATE YOU!” for no valid reason, I didn’t think twice about it. Nowadays, whenever my mother does something that bothers me, I do not scream words of hate. I do not talk to her with disrespect because I think of how it would feel to have your baby speak to you like that. It would break my heart.
  • I have life plans now…direction. When I graduated school I didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. Now I want a career, I want to attempt success with everything I do, I want to provide for Ally. I came out of school thinking it’s bloody well fine if I don’t know what to do with my life. Why do I even need to start looking at ideas… and while it’s true that you don’t need to rush in to finding your career path, it’s great to have an idea, a direction. Sometimes it takes a bit of motivation…parenthood is mine. I even have my own business at 19 years old…which for me is a huge step. My Business – Little Blue Butterfly
  • PATIENCE- I have finally learnt the art of patience. When I am dying to get a job/project done, I usually cannot do this until Ally has her 45 minute sleep during the day. If the job isn’t done in that short time frame I leave it until the next day…the rest of my day is spent drowning in children’s songs and nursery rhymes…I sing them in my sleep. But these things do not bother me because it’s how I bond with Al.
Things aren’t as ‘gross’ as they used to be

  • Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I will only find time to fit in three showers every seven days for weeks on end.
  • The things that you used to find gross, you don’t find so gross anymore. For the last year, I haven’t gone a single day without my hands being covered in either vomit, poo or wee… I love it. Ha ha!
People love me for my baby
  • People notice you and they want to talk to you. They want to know everything! “Awww how old?” Or “what was her birth weight?” Or even “is it a he or a she?” (She! ‘It’ is a bloody SHE!!!)
Our bodies are amazing
  • I have a new found respect for my body and what it can and has achieved. Our bodies have amazing abilities. I praise these abilities so much.

Now that you know of my changes, what are yours? Comment and let me know!

Thanks lovely people, for reading.

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Love Lil Xx

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