Baby Appetite 

Baby food – It can always be a surprise as to what your baby chooses over other foods.

So I have one of those babies that love food, she loves very weird and very particular food but she loves food nonetheless.

Here are some strange tastes that we have discovered she likes…

  1. Swiss Brown Mushrooms cooked in Rosemary. I just chop a handful or two of the mushies, heat a spoon full of butter in the wok. Once the butter is foaming, add in your mushrooms and one sprig of Rosemary. Cook for a couple minutes until nicely browned. Drain the mushrooms and get rid of that excess butter…serve them up for your little one to enjoy. If you make extra, you can make your self a delicious pizza with this recipe… Mushroom and Goat’s Cheese Pizza
  2. As mentioned in one of my other posts, Ally loves Sauerkraut. Straight from the jar, she likes to eat a bit here and there.
  3. Lemon, she’s one of those babies that likes the taste of lemon. I obviously don’t give her wedges of lemon to eat but if I did she’d probably go straight for it.
  4. Salmon… I don’t think it’s too strange but I never considered feeding her Salmon. Once I did, she loved it. Thank god she loved it because I love it too and now we eat a lot of salmon.
  5. Croissants – I recently tried her with a croissant and she gobbled it all up. It’s not really a baby food but my daughter will honestly eat anything.
  6. Tabouli- my mother made a huge thing of tabouli and Ally demolished bowls of it. This made nappy changing time quite interesting.

I’m not entirely sure if anyone will benefit from this particular article but that’s alright…I would however love to know of anything strange that your baby or toddler eats. It doesn’t even have to be food, Ally is also obsessed with eating leaves…which is just…great.


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