I bought myself an early birthday present, it is a hardcover (my favourite type) book. The book is titled ‘Bad Girls Throughout History’ and I purchased the book to read through whenever I have one of those moments where I feel hopeless for being a single, unemployed and young mother. All it takes is a flick through the pages to feel like a powerful woman again.


Oh my god, women can do anything!

This book is a reminder of all the beautiful, strong and superior women that have lived in the past (and some the present).

Written by Ann Shen, she describes it as:

“a book about girls who had a ton of fear and personal flaws and faced insurmountable obstacles but did amazing things anyway.”

I am someone that recognises my flaws and I too face obstacles but I have learnt to appreciate the flaws and obstacles. All the bad things that have ever happened to me in the last 19 years (that I can actually remember) are motivation to do ‘amazing things’. I don’t know if anything I have ever done is all that amazing but at least it’s an attempt and I think maybe that is enough to leave my mark in the world.

In 100 years, when someone writes a book called ‘amazing women from the last 100 years’ I wish them good luck. I wish them luck because it may take them a long long time to fit all of the amazing women from this generation in to one book… What I’m trying to say is that you are all amazing, all (ten maybe) of you that are actually reading this and the rest of the beauties in the world are too.


I highly recommend this book – ‘Bad Girls Throughout History’, it has beautiful illustrations and it’s an empowering read!



Cheers for reading,

Love Lil.


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