Benefits of Goji Berries

Goji Berries are a small gift from god. They are beneficial to our health and they also taste delicious. You can put these delicious little berries in so many sweet and savoury dishes, or you can eat them alone.

Here are five of their health benefits:

  1. Antioxidants – Goji berries are a high antioxidant food. They prevent oxidative stress and boost your immune system.
  2. 0% Fat – There is 0% fat in goji berries…A delicious food with 0% fat…yes, there is such thing.
  3. Eye Health – These berries are good for your eye sight, they also prevent age related eye diseases. Your eyes can also suffer from oxidative stress and as mentioned above, goji berries will help to prevent this stress.
  4. Energy – Goji berries boost your energy levels without causing you to crash after a sugar high. Swap those energy drinks for a handful of goji berries.
  5. Trying to get pregnant? – These berries are believed to improve sperm count as well as treat women with infertility issues. However, once you get pregnant you should check with your doctor before eating these berries.
  6. Cleanse the Liver – If you’ve had too many nights out on the town, you should probably eat some goji berries… They can be used to detoxify your liver.

Here are some ways to enjoy goji berries

  • Raw…eat them raw and see if you like the taste. If you don’t love the taste, continue reading for more suggestions.
  • Goji Berry Tea
  • Blend some goji berries in to your morning smoothie
  • Cook some in to your porridge
  • Add a handful to your granola
  • There is actually such thing as goji berry jam
  • Dipped in dark chocolate


Let me know your favourite way to eat goji berries!

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