Declutter Your Mind

Declutter your mind

Ever since having a baby and taking on a whole new beautiful mess of motherly tasks, my mind has been so super busy! I am enjoying myself but sometimes I cant figure what needs to be done and what I really want to do… So I have been thinking, maybe I need to declutter my mind a bit. Here are my helpful tips to decluttering your mind…

Write your mindful mess down

Write it all down on a piece of paper, get it all out and empty your mind. Once this is done you should take a moment to have a cup of tea and appreciate the silence in your head.


Now that you can visually see what it is that you have to do, you can organise. When doing this, ask yourself – What is the number one priority on this list? What needs to be done but can wait until later?  Do not worry about over organising yourself because it will only make things easier. Once you have ticked the prioritised jobs off the list you can work on the rest. Give yourself a break every now and then though. Please.

One thing at a time

While you complete individual tasks, dont think about the others and try not to think of new things to do while you complete other tasks (if you cant help it, think of the new task and write it down… after that you leave it alone and finish your current job).

Your surroundings

Some people find it hard to focus on things if their surroundings are busy, you may be one of these people without even realising it. If you can, find a peaceful and clean area to do your tasks, I would recommend using that space.


My mother has these two big church sort of pews and they were just sitting on our verandah for ages being completely useless, so one day I thought I would paint them. What colour though? Not white, not brown, not black nor red but every colour (it would become a mess of colours, just like my mind). The pews are slowly becoming lovely little visual adventures for the eyes and they are now a new home for my plants. I like to just sit there for even five minutes a day sometimes with natures music being the only sound I can hear and just paint what my fingers tell me to. It may not look so great but it clears my crazy mind.

So there you have it, let me know which tip worked for you!

Love Lil,


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