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I am one of those people that feel naked without at least a bit of makeup or some sort of product on my face. I am also one of those people that love our beautiful planet. If you are also one of those awesome eco-friendly, makeup loving humans – check out the list I have created for you.

Here are my top picks:

  1. The Body Shop – My Absolute favourite! Not only are they cruelty free, they offer vegan make up and their make up is actually worth paying for. They also run multiple campaigns and have a list of Eco goals.  They have a whole page titled ‘Our Commitment‘, definitely worth a look…it’s very inspiring. Screen-Shot-2017-10-22-at-6.53.17-pm.png
  2. Nude By Nature  – This brand is another favourite. Their products are amazing, 100% naturally derived, cruelty free and made with no unnecessary chemicals  They also have a points system where the more you spend, the more you earn.Our-Natural-Philosophy
  3. UltraCeuticals – My mother has been using this brand for years and years – since before I can remember. They are a cruelty free brand and they dont use harsh chemicals. img-about-skincare-with-a-conscience

    Ultraceuticals has been accredited as 100% CRUELTY FREE by the internationally-recognised organisation Choose Cruelty Free (CCF).

  4. Frank Body Scrub – Do you want soft skin? Because this scrub is so amazing and so NATURAL!

    Unlike your ex, I’m non-toxic. I use natural and naturally derived ingredients. 

  5. Natio – These guys have a plant based beauty range and there is nothing I love more than mother natures products… our-products_9

    Natio combines the finest natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oil blends

  6. Sukin – Australian Natural Skincare, I have some really lovely body wash from Sukin and it smells ‘ahhhh-mazingggg’! logo (1)

    100% natural botanical extracts which are of the highest grade, maximizing effectiveness and ensuring the purity of our product.

  7. Napoleon Perdis – Napoleon Perdis is a very well known brand and you probably know of it. Something I didn’t know until a few days ago is that the brand is cruelty free, which is great because our wildlife is beautiful enough without lipstick.


I am always on the look out for more cruelty free and natural beauty products. Let me know if you have any suggestions please!


Nice talking,


Lil Xx

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