Confronting Feelings and Thoughts with Music

What confronts my feelings and thoughts?

I used to have such a passion for music. There’s a song for every moment, every emotion, every thought. I used to believe and act on that theory religiously. It can be hard confronting feelings and thoughts with music.

Is it sad to say that I find most music too confronting now? I am not someone that enjoys showing my true feelings outside the comfort of my home. Crying in front of people used to embarrass me. These days I cannot even cry in front of my self.

I am pleased with my life and the way things are. Not because I compare the present to the past but because everything feels right. Things haven’t gone according to plan for me but they haven’t exactly not gone to plan for me either…does that make sense? What I am saying is that I’ve never made long term plans and put them in to place. I have wants and needs, no doubt, but I just let things happen as they are meant to.

It seems that I only listen to music that provokes a positive feeling or more often than not, I crave music that makes me move, gets my foot tapping. I love good vibes – especially the kind that I find in music, but the moment I hear a tune that brings out an old miserable memory or a tear to my eye – I walk away or I stop the music to watch an episode of friends (I find comfort in any episode of the 10 seasons).

What do I do if I cant handle emotion?

In my opinion, if you find confronting emotions to be oh so scary, you need to embrace that – bring on the tears, bring on the anger. Don’t keep those feelings locked in the cupboard that is your heart, soul and mind. Think about it as if you are decluttering. You are getting rid of the emotions that you dont need and allowing room for those that help you because that is one way to enjoy and appreciate life.


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If music confronts feelings for you too, here is an interesting article that explains things with a little more detail – Music Is What Feelings Sound Like


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  1. KC | 16th Sep 17

    You are speaking my language. I am a serious audiophile; have been all my life. But I go through bouts of only wanting positive music, so I don’t get lost in the emotions music can bring out.

    • | 17th Sep 17

      It is odd that music can do so much to us. It’s not always for enjoyment.

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