my baby is 1 

It is one year ago to this very day, hour and minute – that my life changed in many ways for the better. It is the day that certain people decided they were no longer a part of my life, a day that caused me to decide that from here on in- anything I do will be purely to improve my daughters quality of life. Nothing is what it used to be and I am in love with that fact. I don’t spend my days upset by my recent times of heartbreak, I don’t resent any of my past mistakes (because look what they have resulted in) and I just don’t think so negatively anymore – I don’t think I could, even if I try. The beautiful bundle of joy that entered my life on this day one year ago has helped me to discover and become a much better version of myself, and I couldn’t thank her enough. I have gifted her with possibly more than enough in terms of physical presents however I am sure I will never supply her with the amount of love that she deserves. The bond between mother and daughter is my most adored discovery yet. 
Oh how I want to gift Ally May Elizabeth Nash with the world… Fun fact: she has inherited both of her aunties middles names and coincidently her initials are AMEN. So amen to the lord and cheers for choosing me to be her mother.

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