My New Business!

I have started my new business, it is launched, up and running! 

Here is a link to my store Little Blue Butterfly

If you are looking for somewhere to sell your items, send an email to

I make some of the items my self and I sell some of the items for other small businesses. Business has been a little slow to start off with but we are starting to get a little more traffic and excitement. I am always on the look out for new products to make or sell on behalf of other shops.

This is a fun little journey, while I am at home with Ally all day I have another little purpose.

My Logo

Here is a few things that I have learnt about setting up a business…

It takes money to make money                                                                 

Here is a smart little suggestion- Save up some money before diving straight in, buying stock and paying for your shop platforms.

There are a few costs involved in starting up a business. The costs that are included in starting up a business like mine (online store) are:

  • Name Registration –
  • It takes a monthly cost to use an online store start up website. I use Shopify, I was using Big Cartel which was great but I needed to upgrade to Shopify once I was getting more products to sell.
  • It took a few dollars to create a little organisation system to hold all of my stock safely and cleanly but no more that roughly $25 (just some medium sized storage containers).
  • A domain for your website will give you more of a professional look but it is not necessary until you start making more money.
  • Based on how much you expect to earn, the tax charges will differ. You will get more info on this when you register your business.
  • Designing your website can cost you a few dollars if you use a paid theme.
  • I suggest getting a logo made and unless you are a graphic designer you will mostly likely need to pay someone to do this. I paid someone on Etsy to design a pre-made logo to suit my preferences.
  • You can also pay to promote your business on social media, this is not something you must do, it just helps to get your business out to a wider reach of people.

What will you sell?

This may be an obvious one but you will need to actually figure out what you want to sell.

Write a business Plan

Here is the business plan template that I used –

It is always good to have a guide to follow, a business plan will help you figure out what further things need to be done to get your business up and running. 

Sort out your prices

If you will be selling products you will need to sort out the prices of the items before you upload them to your online store.

If you make your own products here is a guide for determining your prices –

If you are selling products that you bought wholesale here is a guide –

Social media will help you to get the site views up

Not only does it help to have social media sites, it will help you to stay up to date on the latest trends and selling ideas. You will also be able to reach out to certain audiences much easier than if you didn’t have social media sites.

I have a few different social media websites and places to post. These include:

I will continue to grow my social media accounts, this will help my business.

Listen to Statistics 

Statistics are based on facts, its simple. Pay attention to them, I cant add much more to that. Always pay attention to statistics, they are usually what works, that is why they are always used in almost all research.

Patience is a virtue

It wont happen over night for you. Just be patient and consistent with business and social media updates.

Prepare to be busy

A business is a commitment, a lot of your time will be required to go in to your business if you wish for it to be successful.

There are my tips for you!


Thanks for reading my guide and tips. I have entered all of the information that I needed to set up my site.

If you have tips of your own, please comment them below!


Talk to ya later,


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