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So I am a blogger (what defines a blogger? A person with a blog I guess…right?) and I don’t know if it’s very possible to write your own blog without having a few favourite blog writers of your own. Here are my favourite blogs and I’ll let you know why they are my favourites:

Allison Lindstrom – I didn’t know about Allison and her blog until my sister sent me the link to her site. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start a blog at that point, I was playing around with the idea.  One random afternoon,  my sister messages me, she says something along the lines of…

Lil, I’m not sure if you were going to start a blog or not but check this lady out! She has fantastic ideas for first time bloggers!                                                      

So anyway I checked her out and she was the inspiration I needed to actually start my blog, to use the right platforms and actually launch the damn thing. I highly recommend checking Allison’s website, especially if you are thinking of starting up your own.


Inspired By This – Oh My God… I want to have a second baby just to throw a baby shower inspired by this blog and the ideas that it throws at you. If you are throwing a party or event of some kind check out this blog. Need fitness inspo? This is the blog. Are you going travelling? Do you want some tips? Yep, you guessed it…this is where you will find them. But that is not all. You will have to check them out for yourself though… Be Inspired By This.


I make. You wear it – Rachel Burke…I would love to spend a day in the mind of Rachel Burke. I don’t have the perfect words to describe her website and I don’t want to describe it with the wrong words so I urge you to just check it out. You’ll see what I mean.


Beanstalk Mums – Lucy is great, she is the support that every single mum needs. She has created a course for single mothers…and you are probably thinking, why does a single mother need a course? It’s not something you work towards being…

Well trust me, this course has everything a single mother needs. From learning how to make decisions on your own, providing for your family as a single mother, dealing with loneliness, goal setting, achieving and so much more. So if you’re a single mother, struggling or not, Beanstalk Mums is a great support network for you.


Career Girl Daily – I think this title is pretty self explanatory… Career Girl Daily is perfect for any Career Girl inspiration or tips that you may be searching for. Career, Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion are the main topics you will find on the Career Girl Daily website. If ever and whenever I feel down or like a failure when it comes to blogging and business I get onto their website and find the inspo I need. I always find something useful and I highly recommend.


Fire and Joy – Nirrimi. What a beautiful person. What a beautiful life. Life that is, like every single other, filled with love, loss and beauty. For inspiration on life… Fire and Joy is where I look. I found this site when my sister messaged me saying that she found this awesome writer/photographer that lived in the same city as her. She was my inspiration when I was pregnant with Ally. I had actually written to Nirrimi early in my first trimester asking how she coped with being a single mother to her daughter Alba, I so desperately wanted to be like Nirrimi. As a pregnant teenager I was of course not sure what to do when I became pregnant. I looked to Nirrimi for advice and she delivered. She was my motivation to be a young single mother and kick ass at it. She doesn’t know what impact she had on me but I thank her. The small paragraph of advice that she had written specifically for me and my eyes only was a bit of a saviour. Check her out. Please.

Patch of Polly – Polly has always been an inspiration to me, mainly because of the fact that she has always followed her passions. There are certain types of people in this world with certain priorities…there are those who plan their lives around success and riches… Who plan their lives according to what career paths might gain them the most money… Who plan their lives depending on what pleases their parents.

There are also those who plan their lives according to their passions, to the one thing that lights that creative fire inside them. Look at Polly’s portfolio…you can see what lights that fire in her…It is life…She manages to capture everything most meaningful to her through a lens. She knows how to tell a million stories through one lens and she does…over and over again. She tells her story of the love she has for her other half Ko. You look at the pictures she captures of him and without reading a single word you can see…he is kept close to her heart, in a location that not many others have touched. Anyway if I dive into too many details you will not even feel the need to check her out… so before I say anymore, go have a little look-see here.


Glass House Mama – Nicola, she writes the truth. She writes about parenthood and how it is, she doesn’t just write accordingly to her audience, she writes according to her life and she often pairs her amazing writings with beautiful pictures. Pictures of her life, her family, her home and again of the truth. I very much enjoy her Instagram too! @glasshousemama


Mama Disrupt – Not only does Mama Disrupt have a magazine, they also have a website with information on like evrything…Habitat, Motherhood, Beauty, Body + Soul and so much more. Just check it out here.


Your Zen Mama – Teresa Palmer + Sarah Olsen, both fantastic actresses and fantastic mamas.

“As we endeavor along the peaks and valleys of our parenting journey we share our stories, inspirations, triumphs, and defeats in a candid and open manner. “

Does that not say it all? Check them out!


So there you have it. My top ten favourite Blogs/websites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Nice talking to ya,

Love Lil


Here is a random pic of Ally and I (she looks like a boy in this one)

Photography: @Pollyslight…Did I mention Polly of Patch Of Polly is my number one photographer


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