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Are you one of those people that struggle to fit Mother Nature in to your appointment schedule? If so, you are not alone…I am guilty of the very same thing…well I used to be. These days I crave a few sun rays on my skin each day. I love getting outside with Ally. In fact Ally is my motivation to have some outside time each day. I used to sit inside all day, every day until I thought…

Staying inside probably isn’t the healthiest thing for a baby…I too am getting bored of this so it can’t be healthy for me either. 

This post however, is not about me. I want everyone else to realise the benefits of Mother Natures touch each day.

Here are the five biggest benefits to me (I am not a doctor so what I say is not backed up, it’s just what I have learnt about the sun and skin health in my ginger haired, pale skinned life):



My gosh, that alphabet looks so incomplete. That’s because the ‘D’ is missing and just like the alphabet, you are incomplete without Vitamin D. This particular vitamin is important guys! It aids in the prevention of diseases and helps fight infections. If you have a cold and you think 5 days of nonstop bed rest is the way to go, you’re wrong. You have to get up, get out and get the D…the vitamin D. 

Don’t forget to be sun smart and slip, slop, slap!


I don’t know about many other people but I feel most inspired out in the kingdom where Mother Nature resides. This may not be accurate for everyone but I know of people that have fixed their creative block by stepping outside and simply observing their surroundings.

Appreciate the world we live in 

It is no secret that technology has advanced over the years and in so many ways it is used for good. I do, however believe that what consists of a childhood these days is shocking, compared to what it used to be. Remember calling up your friends on the household landline and asking them to come over for a play date with your BABY born’s? That doesn’t happen so much anymore, there are apps for that sort of thing. There are apps for every sort of thing and this is leading people to believe that they don’t need to leave the house to have fun. Get out, climb a tree, take a break from technology.

Stress Less

This is probably an obvious one but stress, anxiety and depression can be the result of too much time spent inside. Sometimes you need to get outside and go for a walk, or even a swim (in the summer). Getting active can also release your endorphins, I swear sometimes you can actually feel them releasing some how. So if you have been working super hard on a work task or project, maybe take break and walk around the garden…walk and observe (nature not your phone).

Set up for your child’s future

It is no secret that raising your child as a garden/outdoor baby will have positive results as they develop in to toddlers/young kids/teenagers. Many parents aim for their children to be active and enjoy the outdoors as they continue to grow…that isn’t going to happen if you dont introduce them to the outside world and teach them to maintain a healthy and regular relationship with nature.



Challenge: Spend 10 minutes outside each day for 1 week, 20 for the next and add 10 minutes on as the weeks go by. Let me know below how you go (that rhymes :).



Nice talking to ya,

Love Lil.



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