Have you ever fed your baby sauerkraut? I was a little unsure about it because it seemed like the kind of food you wouldn’t feed your baby. I then saw a video of Robin Youkilis feeding her gorgeous daughter Sauerkraut after she had actually requested it. So I read up on it and children (probably adults too) benefit from sauerkraut.

Here’s how: Health Benefits of Sauerkraut for Your Child

I was most intrigued with this one:

Ensures a Healthy Heart: All the processed food that your child eats have a negative impact on his/her heart and in the long run they might even cause serious damages. However, consumption of fermented foods like sauerkraut can actually ensure a healthy heart of your child as sauerkraut is rich in fibre that ensures healthy functioning of your child’s organs.

When I gave some to Ally she loved it! She was a bit like “uh mum what are you feeding me” at first but then she was happily using her little pincers to eat more and more Sauerkraut.

This will definitely be a regular part of our meals from now on. I won’t overuse it of course but if my baby will benefit from something she seemingly loves to eat, why not feed her some on a regular basis!

(I got this one at Aldi for like $2.50 so I’m super happy with that! ⬆️) This is the one I bought 🙂

Nice talking to y’all!

Lil Xx

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