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It’s no lie that it can be a struggle to save money. I’ve struggled in the past, I struggle in the present and I will undoubtedly struggle in the future. In the past few years, I have legally become an adult and forced my self to grow up when I became pregnant. These events, to me, were a sign that I should start putting a little bit of money aside for my daughters future. We will also need a car soon so I have been researching money saving tips, now I want to share my favourite ones with all of you! Here are my tips to save money …


The 50/20/30 Rule

This a simple budgeting tip. It helps you to divide your pay checks so that you can pay your bills, save a little cash and also spend a little money on yourself. I always find it much easier to save money when I have a little bit left over to treat myself with.

The Pantry Challenge

Instead of eating out, try eating the food you already have. This saves you from travelling to the store and spending money on something you might already have hiding in the cupboard.

Limit your shopping trips to once a week

If your pantry is quite empty or you dont want to do the pantry challenge, you could try writing weekly meal plans. Go for your weekly shop, buy only what you need, go home and dont go near the supermarket for the rest of the week.

Garage Sale

My family is well overdue for a garage sale so I found a garage sale checklist to follow. Garage sales will help you to make a little extra money and also get rid of the clutter you dont need in your life. 

Old memberships

I think we all have an old membership that we no longer need (Club Penguin for me)… Try to remember what that membership is and cancel it.

Money Jar

Every week or so, I empty all coins into my money jar. At the end of the year, all of the coins will go in to my savings.

Free Samples

If you ever pass a free sample of anything…TAKE IT. Keep a box of samples, you never know when you may find use for one of them.


If your family goes through a lot of eggs, you should consider chickens. Here is some information if you wish to consider it further – A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Keeping Chickens


Take advantage of your local supermarket catalogues. Find the specials, shop the specials.

Op shop

It seems that op shopping isn’t for everyone but all that I will say is !OP SHOPS ARE NOT GROSS! and I have found some great things in second hand stores. (They are cheap too!)


Well there you have it, these ideas may not work for everyone but they are certainly worth a shot!


Thanks for chatting,

Love Lill


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