The beginning.

So…my first blog post. What do I write about? What does a mummy blogger write about?
Should I describe myself? Yeah, I think I’ll go with that, a little intro…

My name is Lilly. Lilly with two ‘l’s, I’m mentioning this because not even my own Nanny can spell my name right (she still believes it’s ‘Lily’ but it’s bloody not).

I am a week away from turning 19 and I have a beautiful 10 month old daughter named Ally May. This usually gains a certain reaction (“you’re a bit young aren’t you?”)…no I’m not, it’s not how most people would choose their situation to turn out but I chose to continue a pregnancy that I unexpectedly fell in love with as soon as I found out about it, as soon as I felt it, as soon as I threw the positive pregnancy test on the ground out of shock and fear but forbidden excitement (someone my age isn’t meant to be excited about an unplanned pregnancy). This works for me and if it’s too much to handle (why would it be), maybe stop reading…
She is my magnum opus. She is my masterpiece. She is my reason to be…to be here, on earth today, right now. Not only did her existence save me from the mess that is…well was my mind and deep inner thoughts, she has shown me why family is important and to value the family you do have because not everyone is as lucky as I am, with the family I am blessed with. My darling has to grow up with out certain people in her life (they aren’t worth much of a mention though).

Anyway, my little love is 10 months old, we rent our own house, spend all of our time at my parents house and I don’t have a terrific social life. But we are managing. I am starting my own business where I sell products (baby items) for other small businesses, we hope it will succeed but let’s see how we do.

Look, I haven’t really figured out why I am starting a blog, I don’t know what I will write about exactly but it’s a chance to get thoughts out of my head and out in to the world (even if it only reaches out to five people).

This wasn’t much of an intro I know but Ally has just fallen asleep which is perfect for me as I am very tired.
I will use this opportunity to catch a few winks before I have to wake up and do the whole mum thing again (not that we really get breaks in between each day).

img_0404-1Photographer: Polly Nash (@pollys.light)


Cheers guys,
Will speak with you soon again.
Love Lil.


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