I’ve decided to write this post in hopes of getting some advice. My daughter is 10 months old and I haven’t had a full nights sleep since maybe she was 4 months old. I’m tired!!! I’m tired of being tired!!!

Usually she sleeps next to me in the bed so she can wake up and I will just pull her over and feed her back off to sleep. She wakes up probably every hour of the night. I have tried her in the cot and she basically cries until she is choking (she is actually doing this right now). It’s hard and I feel like a terrible mother (sometimes it’s a necessary feeling). I’ve never heard her cry like this. HELP.

Does anyone have any tips for getting a baby to sleep in the cot? I am desperate! Or maybe even tips on how to get them to sleep through the night? I am not myself, I am neglecting my weight, energy levels and the need to sleep. This is the cot I use, its actually a very beautiful cot! Hopefully we get to properly use it one of these days…


Thanks for reading!

Love Lill.


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