I am not the healthy type…well I am healthy but not dedicated to the life of sugar free, paleo, vegan diets (nothing wrong with any of those). Yesterday, I was in the mood to cook a bunch of vegetables. The thought came to me at the Woolworths where I was surrounded by fruit and veges. In our trolley we had:

  • A few potatoes
  • A couple of sweet potatoes
  • A packet of parsnips
  • A small punnet of cherry tomatoes
  • A quarter of a cabbage
  • Some celery
  • A leek
  • A ‘thing’ of cauliflower
  • A small pumpkin
  • Aaaaaaaand lastly a handful of mushroom
  • A tin of peeled tomatoes

So…I pretty much just chopped all of that up, put some aside to cook separately for Ally and put the rest in to the slow cooker.

I then sprinkled like four teaspoons of chicken stock powder over the veges (maybe not the healthiest choice). I added about 4-6 cups of water (don’t make it too watery). Oh, I also sprinkled some washed Barley and Lentils over and mixed them in to the veges (half a handful each)

(Cook all of that on low over night.)

I woke up this morning and tried it… it was alright but sort of boring so I found a small thing of sour cream (not light, that would curdle) that was expiring tomorrow and I popped the whole thing in to the veges. It is now quite tasty, maybe put a little salt in it too though if you try this. Instead of sour cream you could try normal cooking cream, Philadelphia cream cheese or something else creamy (be super creative and figure out what you like).

But basically the main appeal of this cooking idea is that it is easy and quick to prepare. I am someone that finds it a challenge to eat enough vegetables each day because I am running after a 10 month old who crawls around at rapid speeds!

I also boiled the scraps in some water for 30-60 Minutes to make vegetable stock. Making vegetable stock is literally as easy as making a cup of tea (I love tea).

You can freeze the stock and the vegetable…stew? Would you call it a stew? and go back to it and let it defrost while you continue to chase your munchkin around the house and then voilà! ENJOY!


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  1. Coffeepoweredmummy | 15th Aug 17

    Love your post! I love experimenting in the kitchen although sometimes it goes horribly wrong!! Nomatter what me and my mini have a giggle and that’s the main thing! Nice to meet you 🙂 x

    • | 15th Aug 17

      Exactly! Cooking is also about enjoying yourself, I have so much fun in the kitchen and I love the fact that my little one will watch and learn how to cook from our kitchen experiments!
      Nice to meet you too! 🙂

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